Tushar Arora

Tech Speaker | Mozillian | Open source enthusiast | 🎸rist


👋 there! What's up?

I work at Quizizz as a Frontend Developer.

I've been involved with various open source projects including but not limited to - FirefoxOS, Aframe.js, Web-Ext cli and Web Extensions at .

I program primarily in Javascript, working on Vue these days.

Previously I've worked with Angular, React, and Ember on frontend as well as with Node.js for creating server-side APIs.


  • corsify Enable CORS by transforming http response. A webextension for web developers who want to enable CORS for certain URLs and URL patterns.
  • regexer Web extension for Firefox to quickly check matches in a string against a regular expression.
  • node-trademark API wrapper for getting trademark from http://www.markerapi.com
  • find me google Automatically tracks your current location and retrieves the nearest cafes, malls, hospitals, etc.
  • learnyouaframe Learn. Build. Hack. Workshopper for AframeVR.
  • react-flux-chat One to one chat PoC inspired by Whatsapp web.