Tushar Arora

Tech Speaker | Mozillian | Open source enthusiast | ๐ŸŽธist


๐Ÿ‘‹ there! What's up?

I am a Frontend Engineer at Quizizz and JavaScript is my jam.

My favorite part of work is figuring out the problems faced by our users and coming up with simple and elegant solutions. I love to spend time on ProductHunt and Twitter to see how people across various domains are solving UI/UX problems.

I've been involved with various open source projects including but not limited to - FirefoxOS, Aframe.js, Web-Ext cli and Web Extensions at .

Working with Vue these days. Previously, I've worked with Angular, React, and Ember on frontend as well as with Node.js for creating server-side APIs.


  • vue-cli-plugin-unit-karmajs Run unit tests in a vue-cli project with Karma
  • corsify Enable CORS by transforming http response. A webextension for web developers who want to enable CORS for certain URLs and URL patterns.
  • regexer Web extension for Firefox to quickly check matches in a string against a regular expression.
  • node-trademark API wrapper for getting trademark from http://www.markerapi.com
  • find me google Automatically tracks your current location and retrieves the nearest cafes, malls, hospitals, etc.
  • learnyouaframe Learn. Build. Hack. Workshopper for AframeVR.
  • react-flux-chat One to one chat PoC inspired by Whatsapp web.